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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ivy Solar-powered Car World's Fastest

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"It's a long road, but we are very pleased with the results we've achieved."

The students from the University of of New South Wales managed to break the record for solar-powered vehicle.

As quoted from the Wired site, they managed to break the speed record had been using a vehicle called Sunswift IV or also called Ivy.

Ivy driven by Barton Mawer behind the wheel, managed to carve speed 55.14 miles per hour or 88.7 kilometers per hour. This speed exceeds the previous record which is only 79 km per hour.

Speed record that can be achieved at the Ivy on two occasions in two paths along the 2.5 km, at the AU headquarters in Australia, Nowra. Ivy's own top speed record was 56.85 miles per hour or 89.88 km per hour.

"It's a long road, but we are very pleased with the results we've achieved," said project manager Sunswift, Daniel Friedman, told Wired.

According to the driver Mawer, Ivy is very stable while driving, even though its handling was little changed, after this vehicle battery cells - specifically designed for long journeys, was released by the team.

"This vehicle is designed to stabilize at speed before, so the aerodynamics makes the vehicle becomes stable," says Mawer.

However, Ivy is targeted to be able to run even faster. Currently, Ivy was optimized again to face the World Solar Challenge to be held next October.

"Our vision is the presence of other teams that will challenge us and our record back. We even tried to find a new vehicle that is designed specifically for this record to get a more efficient vehicle again, 'said Friedman.