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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cameron Diaz Buy Ganja from Snoop Dogg

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Cameron Diaz had bought marijuana from Snoop Dogg. At that time, Cameron was still in junior school with Snoop.

"We went to school together. He's a year younger than me. He is very tall and thin with horse tail hair. I believe very first to buy marijuana from him," said Cameron who disitat Showbizspy, Friday (01/21/2011).

The actress who plays the teacher of marijuana in the movie Bad Teacher was first classified as recalcitrant. On school days, actress The Green Hornet is not just sucking marijuana, he also fights with other students.

"I often fight with boys more than other girls. For some reason, boys like to fight me. But there was a time when junior high, there is a girl who came to me in the locker room. Then he pulled the hair from behind me. Of course I'm against, "he said.

Luckily, it all just delinquency in adolescence. Cameron grew up a talented actress. While Snoop Dogg banned from Britain for bringing illegal drugs and firearms violations.