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Friday, January 21, 2011

Dolphins Empathy Got It

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Dolphins are known as highly intelligent marine mammals. In addition to responding perkatan or human movement, it turns out dolphins also have empathy. This is evidenced by the research through a video recording on an aquarium in Japan. As proclaimed NHK News Agency on Thursday (20 / 1), seeekor dolphins are seen keeping other animals originating from the same pool.

In the recording, a dolphin bottle using his mouth to nudge, it seemed like the wake of other animals that have gone it. Then the animals are friendly with the man was carrying a dead animal had been with fins.

Amazingly, when there is a boat approaching, the dolphin immediately cover the dead animals with fins. It shows that the intelligent animals that try to protect other animals. A researcher said the two dolphins that are in the same pool, the possibility has built strong relationships