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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Extreme Painful Beauty

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Beauty is pain. The term that becomes pretty painful probably not an overstatement. Tracing the history, practices have been recorded in the tradition of extreme beauty in various parts of the world.

Here are some extreme practices of the world's traditional beauty, as quoted from page

1. Decrease leg
This tradition is practiced a number of middle and upper class women in China before the 20th century. Since the age of 5-8 years, they tied four toes, except the thumb, down soles. Fabric used to bind and then sutured to prevent the growth of these four fingers and let it blend with the soles of the feet.

In their culture, form a small foot is a symbol of female beauty. In fact, can improve male sexual arousal. For the sake of the honor in society, they willingly suffered broken bones and infections during the binding process.

2. Elongate neck
for a tribal in Paudang, Thailand, has a long neck would look elegant and beautiful. In the name of beauty, they are desperate to do extreme by wearing a metal coil in the neck. As you age, so that the coil plus a long collar bone to grow naturally.

3. Lip Stretching
for Mursi tribe in Ethiopia, a symbol of beauty rather than a long neck, but the lip width. The tradition, known by the term 'Labret' This is done by punching holes in the bottom lip piercing such as wide as 1-2 inches. Then, put a kind of round disc in it.

Every two to three weeks, they replace the disc with a diameter larger. This lasted until his lips reached 15-25 centimeters in diameter. This tradition is usually done by women since the age of 13-16 years, or before marriage.

4. Corset extreme
The use of long-term corset super tight can produce a small waist. Use of this corset can even reduce the size of her waist as much as 7-10 inches naturally. The women in the 19th century and 20 more who do engineering flatten stomach in this way. Though this way is very risky cause cracked ribs, organ damage, and respiratory problems.